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Ontario College of Trades on the way

weldertraining2Interesting news out of the provincial capital last week: apparently the provincial government is looking to establish a regulatory college that would help modernize the province’s apprenticeship and skilled trades program. The new college would be called the Ontario College of Trades and would place the skilled trades alongside other professions with professional regulatory bodies such as teachers, doctors and nurses.

The hope is that the new college would encourage more people to work in the trades by providing a more secure establishment behind them. The goal is to build a system that is more suited to serve the skilled tradespeople, apprentices, consumers and employers.

The new proposed project would give industry and the trades people involved in the industry a leadership role. Industry leaders would be called on to play major roles in decisions made by the new college. Areas of concern would be all aspects of trades schooling from recruitment to training and certification to the running of the college and the governance of the new board.

It is good to see that the government is giving the trades that helped build this province the recognition we deserve. By handing over more authority to us as trades people the province is saying, “we like what you have done so far, keep it up.”

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