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U.A. Election Results

Thanks to all who voted in the recent election. To those of you who have not heard the results were as follows;

  • Business Manager – Pat Dool
  • President – Mark Zysko
  • Vice President – Terry Melnick
  • Executive Board – Jim Hill, Mike Otto, Greg Tait and newly elected Colin Hotson
  • Dan Rojik has been appointed as the new Business Agent

Annual Pension/Health & Welfare Meeting

Dates have yet to be confirmed but due to many members working out of town we are leaning towards a fall session.

Gillons’ insurance discounts for 628 members

GIL-EDP Web ButtonAs a member of the UA Local 628, you can take advantage of discounted insurance rates for your Home & Auto Insurance through Gillons’ Employee Discount Program.

Gillons’ Employee Discount Program has been designed with you in mind. Savings of 10% off the already very competitive home and auto insurance rates are available to those who are eligible. Gillons’ not only prides itself on the products offered to you by Northbridge but the service that goes with it.

Contact Mary Lynn Douglas, Regional Manager/Employee Discount Program to find out more information about the discounts and benefits you maybe eligible for as a UA Local 628 member.

Office: 807-345-3611 Cell: 807-627-8353 E-mail: marylynn@gillons.on.ca

Find us on the web or drop by our office at 214 Red River Road in Thunder Bay.

Gillons* People Inspired Insurance.

Downhand Welding Course

We have been approved for another Downhand Welding course. Our start date will be Tuesday September 8, 2015. The course will run 6 weeks in duration. We still have a few positions open, and if you are interested, please contact Alan at the office for details:

Alan Vanderploeg
Business Agent/Training Coordinator
Phone: (807) 623-1041
Toll Free: 1-888-625-3580


New UA Distribution Pipeline Agreement posted

Please note that the new UA Distribution Pipeline Collective Agreement for Canada 2013-2016 has been posted on our website. You can find downloadable copies of all our collective agreements here.

You should become familiar with our collective agreements. If you have any questions, please give the office a call at (807) 623-1041 or toll free at 1-888-625-3580.

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