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To All Members….

As the Covid-19 virus continues to spread Local 628 will be enacting the following changes.

  • Training will be suspended until April 30, 2020
  • March Union Meeting will be cancelled
  • Executive meetings are cancelled until conference call capabilities can be set up
  • If members are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms and have not been cleared by medical authorities please refrain from coming to the Union Hall

We will continue to update as the need arises. Remember to follow Health Canada recommendations and respect the social distancing suggestions. We all must do our part.

Thank you.

Covid-19 Statement

Brothers and Sisters,

Please read the following guidelines jointly agreed to by Local 628 and MCATB.




March 16, 2020

Joint statement from The Mechanical Contractors Association of Thunder Bay and UA Local 628

In recent weeks the world has been made aware of a new global health threat commonly known as the Coronavirus (COVID-19). With health organizations from around the globe monitoring and tracking its spread, Canada so far has experienced a low infection rate and to date no known infections have been reported in Thunder Bay (as of March 15,2020).

Please visit Thunder Bay District Health Unit website for local information regarding COVID-19 at www.tbdhu/coronavirus#self

Note that the information is being continuously updated and the following self-assessment tool is being recommended by Health Canada

  • Have you travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days?
  • Does someone you are in close contact with have COVID-19 (for example, someone in your household or workplace)?
  • Are you in close contact with a person who is sick with respiratory symptoms (for example, fever, cough or difficulty breathing) who recently travelled outside of Canada?

Some other considerations;

  • Symptoms of COVID-19 will include a fever, cough and difficulty breathing. For a full list of symptoms, please visit Health Canada website
  • Recent travel activities accompanied by symptoms should be of concern enough to seek some professional advice. (TBDHU)
  • If symptoms arise persons should not immediately turn to hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices for advice as this would needlessly put others at risk of infection.
  • Employer staff and members of local unions are strongly advised to self-isolate for a period of 14 days following any international travel (including the U.S.)
  • Advise your employer and or local union if you are returning from any international travel or if you are planning to travel and the date of your return.
  • Follow any restrictions and recommendations from the Health Canada and local TBDHU
  • Currently, health professionals are recommending practicing social distancing and avoiding gatherings of greater than 50 people
  • Washing your hands thoroughly and using an alcohol based hand sanitizer can go a long way to ensure that you don’t become infected. This method holds true with common colds and flu as well.
  • Covering your cough and sneeze with a tissue or into your arm, not into your hand.
  • Consider getting a flu shot. It won’t protect you from COVID-19, instead it will avoid confusion by eliminating similar symptoms during diagnosis of COVID-19.

Eric Niemi

President MCATB

Pat Dool

Business Manager UA Local 628

Above all else use common sense and remain calm. This situation can and will change and we must remain informed by the proper authorities and not listen to rumour fueled by the anonymity of social media.

As well, please visit the Union Benefits Web site for updates on travel and coverage.

Thank you.




43rd Canadian Election

Hello Brothers & Sisters,

The 43rd Canadian general election is upon us and each and every one of us should be prepared to mark our “X” on the 21st or on the advanced polls should you desire.

At this time in Canadian history we must decide if change, for the sake of change, is in the best interest of families in general and the Union Movement as a whole. We, as unionized trades, are socially progressive as we are always trying to improve working conditions as well as provide meaningful pension and health and welfare benefits for our members. But due to the cyclical nature of construction we are, for the most part, conservative in our values. We are always concerned on how rising taxes and seemingly unchecked spending affect our families. What we must not do is confuse our conservative values with the Conservative party.

All we have to do is look at what Doug Ford is doing to this province in his hunt for “inefficiencies”, and we can easily see what his partners in the Federal Conservatives would do as well. Here is a partial list of Ford’s accomplishments to date;


  • Ended Cap & Trade at a cost of 3 billion
  • Cut 700 + green energy projects
  • Slashed 50% of flood management funds
  • Ended Drive Clean
  • Ended electric & hydrogen vehicle incentives


  • Ended pharmacare program at a cost to your health and welfare plan
  • Cut new mental health funding from 2.1 billion over four years to 1.9 billion over 10 years
  • Cut one million from Leave the Pack Behind, a youth quit smoking program
  • Dissolved local health units before having an alternative plan in place


  • Removed 100 million budgeted for school repairs
  • Removed 25 million from education for tutors, leadership programs etc.
  • Reduced financial assistance by 300 million for college and university students
  • Scrapped Ontario College of Trades resulting in a lowering of apprenticeship ratio to 1:1 as well as introducing “skill sets” which will water down our trade allowing others to do our work


  • Reduced legal aid by 30%
  • Withheld 14.8 million for new and existing sexual assault centers
  • Dissolved Ontario’s Criminal Injuries Compensation Board

Social Services

  • Cut one billion across the board
  • Cancelled minimum wage increase and P.E.L. days
  • Cut W.S.I.B. payments to workers by 30%
  • Cut library service funding in half
  • Cut 84.5 million  for children and at risk youth

To sum up Brothers and Sisters we must place our mark on October 21st but please do so with an intelligent, informed approach. We must temper our need to get spending under control with the fact that cuts to spending, under a Conservative Government, also includes cuts to the social safety net that help the less fortunate in our society. That, in my view, is not what our organization has or will ever, stand for.

In Solidarity,

Pat Dool, Business Manager, Financial Secretary/Treasurer

U.A. Wellness Program

To all Members,

Please see the attached poster and information explaining the U.A. Wellness Program. This is the same program that your 628 Health & Welfare plan had in place but is now offered nationally. A positive step forward for the health and well being for all of our Brothers and Sisters nationally.


Pat Dool, Business Manager




Working at Heights Refresher

When you are scheduled to attend a Working at Heights refresher course you MUST bring your official certificate from the Ministry. If you cannot find your card and we do not have a copy, you can contact the Ministry of Labour’s Prevention office at 1-877-202-0008 to request your number.

Dan Rojik

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