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Possible Gas Tech. 2, and 0-8 Ton Mobile Crane Training.

We are tentatively looking at having a G-2 course. This course would also include the UA local 787 (Refrigeration) members in our area. We would be working under their Training Status with TSSA. They would also be providing Instructors, and the required equipment. The schedule would be pretty intense, with 4 – 9 day sessions, 8 hours per day, for a total of 250-300 hours of theory, and practical. We are looking at having 1 session per month for 4 consecutive months starting in January, or February. I will be discussing this at future union meetings. We also may be having a 0-8 ton Mobile Crane Training course on Nov. 21-28th. We had one in the summer, and we had quite a bit of interest in it, and had some good feedback about the course. If you are interstd in any of these courses, please contact me at the office.


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