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Gillons’ insurance discounts for 628 members

GIL-EDP Web ButtonAs a member of the UA Local 628, you can take advantage of discounted insurance rates for your Home & Auto Insurance through Gillons’ Employee Discount Program.

Gillons’ Employee Discount Program has been designed with you in mind. Savings of 10% off the already very competitive home and auto insurance rates are available to those who are eligible. Gillons’ not only prides itself on the products offered to you by Northbridge but the service that goes with it.

Contact Mary Lynn Douglas, Regional Manager/Employee Discount Program to find out more information about the discounts and benefits you maybe eligible for as a UA Local 628 member.

Office: 807-345-3611 Cell: 807-627-8353 E-mail: marylynn@gillons.on.ca

Find us on the web or drop by our office at 214 Red River Road in Thunder Bay.

Gillons* People Inspired Insurance.

Petroleum Equipment Mechanics Course

We are looking at having a PEM 2/3 course here at the Union Hall. The course will be 1 week in duration (40 hours). This will certify you to work on fuel oil piping. I am compiling a list of names for people who are interested, and once we get enopugh students we will set some dates for the course. Please contact Alan at the Hall for details.

Gas Technician 2 Course

We are going to be having a G-2 Course here at the Union Hall with  tentative start date of December 1st, 2015. The course will run Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30-9:30PM until May/16. If you are interested in taking this course, please contact Alan at the Hall for details.

Working at Heights Training

There are classes available all summer at Confederation College through IHSA for the Working at Heights Training. All members will be required to have this training done before April 01, 2017. The courses run every few weeks or so on a Tuesday, or Thursday. The Courses will be for one full day ( 8 hours ). If you want to take this now, and get it over with, contact me at the office, and I can give you the schedule, and will register you on a date that will work for you.


Petroleum Equipment Mechanics Course

As mentioned at last nights meeting ( May 25, 2015 ), we will be looking at getting a list of names for a Petroleum Equipment Mechanics course. The course will be 40 hours in duration, and will run Monday to Friday, with the final exam on a Saturday. We need about 10 – 15 students to fill the class, and we will run more classes if we have more than 15 interested. We could look at doing it in June or July once we get enough people for a class. This ticket will be required to do any piping installs on Generators, Heating equipment, and Tank Farms for any type of fuel oil. If you are interested, please contact me at the office for further details, and to have your name put on a list.



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