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Addition to Local 628 Working Rules & By-Laws

To All Members,

 Please take note that an addition, as presented by Brother Dan Rojik, has been made to Local 628’s Working Rules and By-laws. After 3rd and final reading the following By-law will be added and will be in effect April 24, 2018.

 #46 – By-laws relating to apprenticeship completion and trade school deferral

 1. Excepting circumstances beyond the member’s control any member who has completed both schooling and requisite hours will have, upon notification from the union hall, one calendar year to write their certificate of qualification exam.

 2. Any member will be allowed to request a trade school deferral as long as a reasonable hand written or electronic submission to the B.A. has been made. This submission must state the reason for deferral and when the member is next available for school.

 3. Any deferral at the request of the employer will not be considered if there is a suitable replacement on the out of work list.

 4. Any member who abuses the deferral privilege may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion if recommended by the executive board.

5. Any recommendation will be subject to a majority vote at a regular called Union meeting.


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