All the UA Local 628 trades are highly skilled and have a responsibility to make sure they keep their skills finely tuned and up to date with the latest technology and trends. The union maintains a modern training facility where members can either practice on their own or take part in regular training courses offered through the year.

Our members can visit the shop anytime that is convenient to get in some additional practice at no cost. It’s a great resource to help prepare for a test or get ready for a major new project. Our 10 welding booths allow members to work by themselves without interruption. Our new inverters, dual-torch wire feeders and pipe-positioner allow our welders to train with the most advanced equipment in the industry.

Because UA Local 628 has a reputation of being the best of the best, we expect all of our members to take pride in their workmanship and look for ways to improve their skills. Sometimes just a little more shop time can make a big difference in the field.

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