Collective Agreements

Our members are subject to a number of collective agreements depending on the nature of the work they’re doing and where they’re doing it.

If anyone has any questions concerning an agreement, they are asked to please go through the documents made available here. It is up to each and every union member to read and understand these agreements. Please use this database to familiarize yourself with their details.

All documents are printable. Handbook versions are available at the UA Local office. If you need a new copy, please contact us:

Phone: (807) 623-1041
Toll Free: 1-888-625-3580

Your Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Know the contract
  • Police the contract
  • Know your people personally
  • Enforce safety conditions
  • Serve on committees willfully
  • Create a good impression of the union
  • Support your leadership
  • Do not knock management unnecessarily
  • Never make “side agreements”
  • Do not ask for special privileges
  • Consult higher authority when in doubt
  • Anticipate and “head off” trouble when possible
  • Don’t carry a chip on your shoulder against anyone

Remember: Respect isn’t purchased; it is earned.

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